Whenever he’s not busy travelling the world, doing charity work for the city of Chicago, or closing real-estate deals, Eugene Bernshtam restores and collects classic cars, especially from the 1960s-70s. This website was published for him to keep fellow classic car enthusiasts posted on his existing collection and his ongoing projects, regardless of their location. He would also like to hear about others’ experiences with classic cars, and he feels that this website is the ideal venue for connecting with others who share the same passion for all things vintage.

Eugene Bernshtam acknowledges that most of his correspondence with other people has been related to his work in real estate or his fund-raising activities. However, he is also a huge believer in the power of personal connections, whether they are made and maintained online or offline. He believes that sharing knowledge about classic cars with others is the best way to increase one’s knowledge in the field, and he aims to eventually transform this website into a knowledge base for vintage car collectors.

For any questions about this website or anything that he has posted, you may send in your messages through this page. You may also leave a comment on any of the threads. While collecting and restoring cars is the primary topic of this site, Eugene Bernshtam also welcomes other sorts of correspondence, including inquiries about his company, Avalon Holdings LLC, and the company’s projects and services.

About Guest Posts

Because Eugene Bernshtam is all about collaborating and sharing knowledge with others, this blog may also publish guest posts from time to time. If you have an original blog post or article about the art and science of classic car restoration or if you just want to show off your vintage car collection, please let us know. We will be more than happy to have your work reviewed and published in this site.

A word of caution, though: because Eugene Bernshtam travels around a lot, it might take some time before your article is published on the site. He will also be doing cursory reviews on your submission personally. He would like to assure potential guest bloggers that every contribution will be reviewed and appropriate feedback will be given. He would also like to remind everybody who writes comments or guest posts that this website is a safe zone for readers of all ethnic backgrounds, economic status, or gender identity. Thus, he encourages positive, sensitive writing from our guests and does not encourage any sort of hate or harassing speech.

For now, feel free to browse through this web site, especially the Blog page, to get a better idea of the tone and topics of the entries here. Eugene Bernshtam would like to encourage all auto bloggers to share and submit their guest posts about classic cars; we also welcome more personal entries as well, provided that they are still connected to classic cars in some way. Stories about struggles encountered while restoring vintage cars are OK, but any sort of “not safe for work” stories, even if they involve vintage cars, are less than welcome.